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Creating a Brand With a Buzz

Written by Brandon Cook.

When it comes to Cruz’ tequila’s brand management – simply stated, we’re their go-to design agency for print and web materials. We revitalized the most recent version of their logo in 2010, created their award-winning fleet graphics, developed their website, produced display graphics, marketing pieces and so on.

If you want to know how to grow a brand the right way grass roots, you should hang with these guys. With a lot of pavement pounding and presence at the local levels, it’s been fun to see the brand grow over the last 7 years. Their budget may not be what other leading tequila brands get, but they make up for that with determination, values, hard work and being human.

Cruz Tequila fleet graphics

For those of you who know of Cruz, their success probably is not surprising to you. We’ve only played a small part of that and are pumped and honored to be a part of something so incredible. We value their relationship not the billings, and that’s why we’ll be partners for quite some time.

You may ask, “Does any reposado come along with the work orders?” I’ll answer that by saying that we stand by our design process, and research must not be overlooked!