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Bourbon Jacks

Brand Development

When the owners of Dos Gringos wanted to launch a new restaurant, Bourbon Jacks, Splinter was there to develop the new brand every step of the way. We love branding a new company, and we especially love great music and good eats. Score!

The concept of Bourbon Jacks centers on live country music; the image of the guitar is the iconic piece that emphasizes the musical appeal with country flair. The brand development challenge was to introduce Phoenix diners to “urban country” style.

An homage to the antique wood type of the Wild Wild West, the logo features bold distressed lettering paired with an acoustic guitar. It’s a little imperfect, which makes it feel authentic. It’s old. It’s new. And it’s a perfect fit for a restaurant serving trendy, new school food in historic downtown Chandler.

The brand development also had to communicate that Bourbon Jacks is a live music venue. And that it’s got a from-scratch kitchen turning out American fare with a Southern twist. The brand’s contemporary rustic charm with a modern twist embraces the surrounding Arizona culture and immerses its diners in urban country style.