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Brand Management, Web and Print

Car Finance was a company ready to move forward and grow. What did they need from us? A consistent, dependable, credible image that would take them upwards. Splinter was hired to handle the brand management and help launch a new website. In addition to redesigning their website, we designed a cohesive set of materials and advertising that helped them establish brand recognition.

The goal was to establish them as an industry leader to compete with the larger online car loan companies such a Capital One and Chase. Our role initially was to perform a full site audit, and provide documentation of the current state of their online assets. We were then engaged to design and deploy a complete redesigned site with a fresher look, more solid foundation, and overall better user experience.

We also helped assemble an all-star cast of partners that we worked closely with on all initiatives.  These are the eschelon of specialists, from SEO and SEM, to funnel optimization, variant testing, and PR.