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City of Phoenix – Sustainability Department

Print Collateral

The success in sustainability the City of Phoenix ultimately achieves can be attributed to the efforts and planning set forth by the Sustainability Department. Their initiatives include alternative fuel use and transit, waste reduction, clean and reliable water, carbon neutrality, clean air, parks/preserves and thriving local food systems.

We first developed a brochure to recap and highlight the top six initiatives as a functional summary for Phoenix City Hall. With increased challenges as our city grows, we created environmental displays for an exhibit at the 2015 Green Planet Festival that communicated the future goals of the City. The display solution encouraged attendees and residents to interact with it, including a feedback section for public discussion and input on what residents feel is attainable and feasible.

We utilized local photography of Phoenix and an energizing color palette to reflect sustainability initiatives currently in place to reach the City’s goals. The layout and graphic components of the print collateral highlight how Phoenix will protect our resources and build a viable future. We wanted the designs to provide our residents a positive recognition of how the Sustainability Department strives to innovate. Their vision is to create a thoughtful, masterfully planned city as we continue to experience significant growth. Together the City and its citizens can create the best possible future for Phoenix. And, this roll out is just the starting point…