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Robert Rivera - The Torres Gallery

Fine Art Book Design

One of our favorite projects: a fine art book design for The Torres Gallery, featuring the gourd art of Robert Rivera.

Through his artistic ability, Robert transforms the lowly gourd into an object of beauty, power and symbolism. As such, they become highly collectible fine art objects.

He loves the old designs prevalent in Native American culture – prehistoric and historic – especially the Anasazi, Hohokam and Mimbres bird and animal designs which he incorporates into his gourd pots and rattles.

The gourds are stitched, etched, cut, broken, scorched, sandblasted, dyed and wrapped. They are adorned with yucca fiber, suede, buckskin, raffia, African beads, shells, heishi from the Santo Domingo Pueblo, inlaid turquoise, willow sticks, horsehair, turkey feathers, cloth, snake skin and tablita headresses.

Robert Rivera’s art is shown in his home state of New Mexico exclusively at the Torres Gallery.  102 E. Water Street. Sante Fe, NM 87501. 505-986-8914