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Ignite Phoenix

Event Collateral

Twice a year, Ignite Phoenix showcases people’s passions and aims to spark an interest in the Phoenix community.

Ignite is an information exchange – fostering and inspiring Phoenix and global communities to share, experience, and enjoy different topics from the creative and subjective, to cerebral, inspirational, technical, and philosophical. Presentations are intended to educate, exhilarate, motivate, and move you to look at your world in a whole new light.

Ignite Phoenix ain’t your grandma’s lecture series. So when it’s time to brand these unique events, Splinter’s always ready with a unique idea that gets attendees excited and engaged.

Each installment of the biyearly Ignite Phoenix lecture series has a different theme, and is anchored by the event program design. Since Ignite Phoenix doesn’t want attendees to experience this event the same way they’d experience any old lecture, the programs have to set the interactive mood. Our challenge each time is producing a program that communicates the excitement of the event, at the same time engaging the audience in the warmth of the idea-sharing environment.

As the creative sponsor and partner of the last 13 Ignite installments, Splinter’s goal is to fashion the event program centered on the theme of that installment. We’ve developed all the event collateral over the years: all event program designs, apparel design for the Ignite team, content development, signage and even music CD designs.

Here’s a few of the more recent program designs from the last few years:

Ignite #15: The Catalyst

We thought it’d be neat to go with the chemical label direction. A warning to the attendees that there may be a reaction caused from attending Ignite. We envisioned it would look and read like a chemical label: instructions for proper use and what to do if absorbed, that sort of thing. One thing we really like about this approach is that it’s very clear that Ignite IS the catalyst.

Ignite #14: Arbor Day

We used forest imagery to depict the life cycle of trees, expressing the purpose of the Ignite series. Eighteen photos paired together; the layout of two parallel images blending together represented the event itself – indiscriminate clips working together to display the good and bad, the light and dark.

Ignite #13: Triskadeckaphobia, Snopes and Sweatis

Yep, we had to design a themed program around the idea of challenging preconceptions, urban legends and not believing everything you hear and read. We thought it would be great to have a newspaper publication that looked completely legitimate, but bizarre falsities that got people chatting. The content development for this was really fun. The Ignite and Splinter teams collaborated to tackle the weirdest and wildest of stories, snopes, and legends. You can read the full program here.

Ignite #11: Trick-or-Treat

October 2011’s theme was All Hallow’s Eve so we came up with a trick-or-treat bag that showcased Steam Crow’s art and conjured up Halloween nostalgia.

Each audience member received a program housed inside an old-fashioned brown goodie bag. Steam Crow’s spookycute monster fella popped out the top of the bag, beckoning audience members to dive in and discover the program along with a CD chock full of killer tunes from local bands (which we also designed around more great Steam Crow art).

Steampunk style is about merging old and new to create a handmade hybrid look. To keep things looking a little less slick and a little more handcrafted (and also budget-friendly), we also designed an old school stamp for our goodie bags.

Ignite #9: Love Letter

With the event itself taking place close to Valentine’s day, Splinter teamed up with the Ignite crew to create an appropriately themed program. We wanted to communicate to the audience that the passion involved in this night makes our hearts skip a beat. Each audience member received their program in flirty love letter format, sealed with a heart for them to open and explore. The program packet was cohesively themed and also contained a “mix tape” CD of music by local bands as an extra feel-good element.