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Identity Design

When a high-performance skateboard company with a vision for quality products, community involvement and skateboard culture needed an identity to stand out, Splinter started from scratch.

Branding a new company has its challenges. The owners started the company in high school, are youthful and committed. That provided a great foundation for the Ladera identity and arsenal for us to help them establish some street cred in the $4 billion skateboarding industry.

We produced a brand for Ladera Skateboards that resonates with hard-core enthusiasts, but universal enough to appeal to new customers and non-pros.

Depicting the hills of California, we developed the logo to be simple, clean and memorable to be played well across different materials and mediums. Their new identity design was just the first step: we continued developing necessary brand element and collateral for their market expansion, including board racks, apparel, sales and media kits, along with the quintessential skate stickers so the kids can tag the streets.

Their boards are pretty sick, right? The guy that designed most of them is Southern California-based artist Kevin Walsh. Yeah, he’s amazing. You’ll definitely find a few of these beauties rolling around the office.