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London Gold

Brand Development

For nearly a decade, Splinter and London Gold have created a partnership based on trust. Although London Gold enjoys great brand awareness in the Phoenix metro area and loyal clientele, our goal is to expand their reach.

London Gold aims to capture the awareness of younger customers in the beginning stages of their relationships. From the moment he gets down on one knee, to the day she walks down the aisle, to the night they share their 25th anniversary – London Gold seeks to be with them.

The latest evolution visualizes a theme that embraces the artisanal and romantic feel of its jewelry. With our help in the new brand development, along with the help of local illustrator, Suzy Almblade, we developed a campaign utilizing painterly watercolor juxtapositions.

The concept was delicate, ethereal and whimsical, similar to the passion the featured rings spark, but practical enough to allow colors to be adjusted for the seasons.