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Monsoon Mail

Brand Development for Email Marketing

As a Phoenix-based email marketing service, Monsoon is ideal for clients that wish to further their reach via email. Monsoon is a email service provider that makes it very simple to implement and manage email marketing campaigns for SMB businesses. They needed a brand that communicated the simple, easy platform in which they’ve built, while establishing a credible and savvy position in the competitive email service provider market.

Stemming from the idea that Monsoon is a “downpour” of information, Splinter communicates the theme with the color palette of oceanic tones and bold typography. And, of course, the Internet moves like the wind.

We first started with the logo and identity. The website was designed with responsive technology so that email marketing can be simple for the finger-friendly crowd. Now businesses can send emails, view their reports and access data any time from any device. Monitoring the reports from a recently-sent campaign on your phone while on the beach is so worth it.

Monsoon is email marketing with all the bells and whistles, but made easy to attract new subscribers, send beautiful email newsletters and see stunning reports of the results.