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SMART Technologies


SMART Technologies is the leading maker of interactive whiteboards, and CCS Presentation Systems supports the installation of these innovative boards in the classroom. The two companies partnered up to support teachers, and they needed a how-to manual to train educators on using these tools effectively.

When they came to us for design services, they gave us a two-part homework assignment: 1) create strong visual branding consistent with SMART’s established look & feel and 2) produce a 76-page manual that’s cost-effective enough to be customized and re-printed many thousand times a year—without breaking the bank.

We got an A+ on our report card.

Not only did we create a training manual design that’s as clean and sharp as an interactive whiteboard, but we also made it user-friendly enough that busy educators can find the information they need quickly and easily.

For extra credit, we drew on our PhD-level knowledge of print production to make the collateral design cost-effective to produce.

We love to know that we’re helping the trainers teach the teachers, who in turn are teaching our children.

Now that’s trickle down edunomics!