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The Institute for Human Potential

Identity Design

At the Institute for Human Potential,  the connection between the mind, body and soul sets their Norway-based chiropractor apart from the competition.

Influenced by the energy vortexes of Sedona, Arizona, we blend earth tone colors with calming, spiraling energy to create a swirling, spine-line identity. And there was our challenge: deliver an identity that would explain — with only images — that chiropractic care at this clinic means a natural approach for head-to-toe harmony.

The pebbles in our design are a visual representation of the Fibonacci sequence — a sequence that’s also found in other naturally beautiful shapes like pinecones, artichokes and tree branches. We illustrate tending to mind-body health is part science (hence, the math stuff) and part intuitive art (hence, the beautiful stuff). The visual mark communicates the successful blend of scientific perfection and the natural imperfections found in nature and the human body.

All in all, this logo design showcases the unique and holistic care the Institute for Human Potential provides in visual form.