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W Hotels

Print Collateral

Located in the heart of Old Town Scottsdale, the W Hotel remains one of the Valley’s iconic hotels. W Hotels prides itself on providing a consistently high level of customer service in a modern and elegant environment.

Before the W opened its doors in 2007, Splinter’s had the honor of being the go-to design studio for all its needs. From larger-than-life building graphics, to Sushi Roku menus, to postcards and room keys, we tailor print collateral pieces to the trendy and glamorous nature of the W.

When it comes to our relationship with the W, the real question is: What don’t we do? As brand management specialists, we’re always ready with design solutions whenever they call. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a promotional piece, an internal communications vehicle or purely decorative—if it’s something the W needs to support its day-to-day functioning, we’re on it. We work with several different facets of the company—everybody from folks in operations to marketing, public relations and beyond.

Whatever the hotel needs, W knows they can count on us to turn out each and every piece according to some very exacting brand standards. We’re delighted to have such a deep, lasting partnership with the Starwood Hotels brand; you’ll even find us sponsoring events for the W, and wandering about the occasional cocktail party.