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Studio Dwell

Website Design

The unmistakably sharp style of Studio Dwell’s interior design can be experienced in model homes and private residences throughout the Southwest. Their focused process, unrivaled expertise and charmingly unpretentious approach defines Studio Dwell as an industry leader.

We aimed to reflect the friendliness and warmth of their staff with a new website design – creating a responsive site as welcoming as the environments they produce. To help differentiate themselves from their competitors, we suggested an image-driven website to showcase their clients’ livable spaces. We created a consuming experience focused on inspiring the user through a full screen immersive gallery of brilliant, strong and elegant imagery.

Developing the new website design aided in describing the narrative while allowing us to leverage their cleverly enchanting approach. We wanted to convey the breadth and depth of the work and their eye for detail to provoke their customers to imagine what Studio Dwell can do for them.