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What Thirty Years Without A Haircut Sounds Like

Written by Brandon Cook.

CCS, a long standing client and one of the largest US-based audio visual companies, had their biannual National Sales Summit here in Scottsdale at Talking Stick in the fall of 2013. We were brought in to handle the branding for the entire event: including email, web and printed materials. You can view our work here. 

As a thank you for the attendees they brought in a special guest for a fun night. Most of us were surprised and mesmerized by her amazing voice and ridiculously long hair. Hell, she was practically standing on it dancing around the stage.



Even though most of us had only heard one of her songs (the most famous one), Crystal Gayle actually had twenty #1 hit songs in the 70s and 80s. Her music is both pop and country (which you may not hear much around our studio) and she put on a really great performance.

Oh, and she had a ringer in the band too. Jay Patten (band leader, saxophone, guitar, vocals) gave the room exactly what it needed.


Jay Patton