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Tweet and #TakeCharge

Written by Pete Lytwyniuk.


Twestival is the world’s largest social media fundraising event, and we’re excited to be a part of the series happening in our own backyard. This year, Twestival Phoenix puts the spotlight on Teen Lifeline, a charity dedicated to preventing suicide among teens in Arizona by providing safe, confidential crisis services to those in need.

@SplintrCreative Twestival Phoenix 2013 will take place on October 15th at The Clayton on the Park! Save the date! More info soon… http://fb.me/2Qpvhs62Sz

As a sponsor, we dedicated our skills to creating a new logo for Twestival Phoenix 2013. Typically, the logo for each series outlines the skyline of the city that the series takes place in. This year, we decided to capture the signature symbol of Arizona: the saguaro.

We invite you to come, tweet, and donate to reach Twestival’s goal of $30,000 for this worthy organization.