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The Golden Standard Logo Design

Written by Brandon Cook.

Golden West logo design

Golden West Cowgirls Identity: This non-profit equestrian drill team was looking to update to a consistent image to help them market themselves and grow. The professionalism, approachability, and precision of their showmanship needed to be reflected in their brand. And of course, their desire to dazzle.

Solution: In addition to learning about the Golden West Cowgirls’ target audience and brand, we researched the competition they faced in the rodeo arena. The majority of drill team logos we came across were very literal and included an icon of horse and rider. We wanted Golden West Cowgirls to stand out from the crowd and instead be represented by strong, bold, and beautiful hand drawn type. Decorated with the flair of floral elements reminiscent of popular Western tack design, this logo is stylish and confident. A sub logo was also requested for drill team flags. This GWC image played down the embellishment for instant ease of legibility.

Golden West logo icon