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New Work – Identity Design and Packaging

Written by Brandon Cook.

When two entrepreneurs called on us to help get this brand off the ground, we began with the identity development.

This product is designed to place silicone labels on beverages and food in refrigerators. Think about when that co-worker drank your soda, or differentiating an item as gluten-free, or determining when the leftovers will spoil. The Tagz come with an erasable marker for repeated use.


We started with creating the two logos first, both for BevTagz and FoodTagz. Then we tackled the product packaging. One challenge was communicating with the manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. There were several weeks of revising the packaging to bring down production costs while adjusting the design for retail environments and specific product placement.

Once the flagship product packaging was done, we got into the fun stuff like glow-in-the-dark products and other cool variations. If you see them on the shelf and you like to keep your fridge organized – give ’em a shot! Pretty fun and inexpensive way to know what’s what and whose that is.

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