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Lady La Calendar Design for Autism

Written by Brandon Cook.

Arizona morning show radio personality Lady La approached Splinter when she decided to make a calendar to help fight Autism. She does some amazing charitable work each year, hosting events to fundraise money for charities, and she has decided to put together her very own 2010 Calendar, and it’s on sale now.

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La donates HALF of every calendar sold to an Autism Foundation here in the Valley. All money raised from the Lady La calendar will be donated to Act Today!, an organization that provides grant money for families that cannot afford or access the treatments their autistic children need. From protective helmets, to social skills groups, to ABA and biomedical treatments, ACT Today! does everything they can to help autistic children achieve their highest potential.

Lady La Calendar Design Cover 2010   IMG_5043   Feb282012_0198b

They sold out quickly, which made us feel great. With an intertwining career in radio, television, clothing design, AND modeling, the Phoenix, Arizona native has proven to be more than just a gorgeous face. We not only took care of the calendar design, but also managed the printing of the calendars – and were able to donate a decent chunk of our fees to the cause. This was her first year doing the calendars and it was such a hit, she’ll be doing a new calendar each year. So keep your eyes peeled.