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New Work – Web Design

Written by Brandon Cook.

Cal Smartscape

Challenge: Grow a landscape architect’s online presence in the competitive Southern California market.

When we hooked up with Cal Smartscape, this San Diego-based business had one major secret weapon its back pocket: a gifted lawn guru who turns dirt into dazzling designs. Only problem was that word wasn’t getting around town.

Enter Splinter to work our unique brand of web design magic on Cal Smartscape’s site to increase page views and create a better, more usable site that captures more leads.

Solution: We planted the seeds for tremendous growth …

… starting with the SEO basics. The website’s been working harder than it ever had in the past.

Not only did we drive exponentially more traffic to Cal Smartscape’s site, we also helped redesign the existing pages so that customers keep their eyeballs on it longer. Doesn’t matter how great your SEO is—if your website doesn’t connect your customers to the information they want, they’re gonna jet. Thanks to the Splinter redesign, Cal Smartscape’s customers get immediate access to the two things they want most out of a landscape architect’s site: a gallery of beautiful example lawns and a form that gets ‘em a free quote. Making these two site features the most prominent elements on the page means Cal Smartscape makes a great first impression on new customers.

Another way we’re helping Cal Smartscape make a killer first impression? The redesigned site is mobile-optimized. Mobile internet is the future, folks. And as more customers shop via smartphone, Cal Smartscape is gonna be poised and ready to continue standing out amongst San Diego lawn wizards.