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One Tasty Truck – Fleet Design

Written by Brandon Cook.


Carls Jr fleet design

An owner/operator of about 200 of the popular restaurant chain, Carl’s Jr. and Hardees came to us to design a wrap for their truck. This wasn’t just any truck, either. This is a truck that runs on biofuel collected from their own friers and grease traps. So it’s not only making a statement with its eye catching graphics, but it’s putting the right foot forward for alternate solutions.

We created a fleet design that’ll make you wish you had a burger when you’re waiting at a red light. No worries, that drool will wipe right off your steering wheel. In the following years, they steadily increased the amount of print media work with us. We created a lot of fun stuff along with all the needed production artwork files for all marketing materials: from window clings, to coupons, to menus. We even handled much of the signage and installation.

Each client partnership has its perks. Let’s just say it’s not a good idea to work on these files right before lunch!