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That’s a Dollar!

Written by Pete Lytwyniuk.


Have you ever seen something so incredible, so spectacular, and so furry that you knew you HAD to have it? If you’ve seen Marc Ecko’s reversible Wookie Hoodie the answer is undoubtedly, YES.

Certainly any self-proclaimed Star Wars Junkie, such as myself, would love to rock this dual-purpose hoodie. I mean, who doesn’t want to walk around all day enrobed in Chewbacca fur?! I have every intention of doing this and it just so happens my fellow co-workers are very supportive of my geekdom and made me a Wookie Hoodie Jar to help me save for this bad boy.

Nope, that $500 price tag doesn’t intimidate me.

The deal in the office is that anytime someone hears me say something geeky I have to put a dollar in my jar; and you’d be surprised how quickly that adds up around here. Sure, sometimes I may quip or complain that my normal conversational topics are not necessarily nerdy or dorky and I shouldn’t have to pay up every time I open my mouth, but they assure me it’s out of love and support of my Star Wars habit.

You know, I sure do love these guys but I’m totally going to rub it in their face when the super-awesome-meter tilts heavily in my favor as I strut around the office disguised as Chewbacca and speaking in Shyriiwook.

Now, you may be asking yourself, “Where in the world am I going to find one of these awesome hoodies?” (I applaud your obvious good taste in Wookie gear) Well, the bad news is they’ve been discontinued despite my best efforts to bring them back.

The good news is you can still track one down with a little due diligence.

Since we share the same keen eye for fashion, I’ll share a little secret: you can snag one here.

May the force be with you!