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W Scottsdale Storefront Face Lift

Written by Brandon Cook.

When the W Scottsdale approached us about adding some visual interest to the storefront of their hotel at Scottsdale and Camelback, we jumped at the idea of giving a little life to an otherwise dull arrival experience. Their dramatic 2nd floor WET pool, which can be seen from the street below, had an empty acrylic box just begging for some attention. The W wanted us to embellish this box with imagery that resembled water, movement and the sexy style they are so well known for.

We created an illustrative graphic element that captures the essence of the hotel’s water features and wraps all five sides of the acrylic box. Visitors to the W are now welcomed by a serene splash of purple and blue, accented by a pop of red, that strangely enough, seems to be the only red W anywhere in the hotel.