Charity Design Work for a Global Issue

Water For People is a global non-profit that helps people in developing countries improve quality of life by supporting the development of locally sustainable drinking water resources, sanitation facilities, and hygiene education programs. Our support came in the form of a charity design package for the event.

charity design poster Water for People

The local charter, AZ Water, is a 501(c)(3)nonprofit educational organization founded in 1928 with a membership of 2,700 water/wastewater professionals dedicated to preserving and enhancing Arizona’s water environment.

How we help: 

Each year we work with a few key organizers to get all the details and change up the materials for a fresh look. We create the program and sponsor package, design the event t-shirt, and create the event signage. It’s a very smooth process working with them. That’s because they’re a great group and very passionate about what they do.

Most are volunteers that have full time jobs, so it’s motivating to see them donate so much personal time.

It only makes us want to help in the best way we possibly can – by providing some great charity design work and bringing some proper branding to their cause.

charity design flyer

A Great Organization to Support

We try to step up our game each year with the creative and event materials for the charity design package. That’s because they’ve really stepped up the tournament. It’s now being held at Troon North, which is incredible. It’s a very well-organized outing, and loads of fun. And, we get to do some enjoyable non profit design work.

If you enjoy being outdoors, playing golf, and supporting a great cause, you should definitely round up a group. Come out and see why we look forward to this each and every year. The Splinter team does have a few trophies from years past, but none yet that say 1st place.

Working on that.