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Cruise America

Brand Development

For over 40 years and with a fleet of over 4,000 RVs, Cruise America has continued to inspire families to explore the open road and discover new adventures across North America. As their full-time agency since 2007, we’re proud to have helped Cruise America with their brand development, evolving and extending its global reach to thousands of travelers.

One of our biggest goals was to create a consistent brand everything from logo usage to fleet graphics and advertising among the multiple Cruise America and Cruise Canada offices. We harnessed the idea of old-fashioned adventure with a family appeal, and developed a brand that speaks to vacationers worldwide.

The message is simple: encourage people to get out and enjoy nature. With the launch of Cruise America’s new taglines: Be There Now and It’s About Time, the brand communicates that attainable family vacation their consumers desperately need in three small, but powerful words.