Today marks the day

BIC Norwood desired unique concepts for new high-end calendar designs. We relished the opportunity to test the limits of common systems and explore unusual print construction.

Read more The challenge was to attract a younger, more diverse audience by rejuvenating and modernizing typical monthly calendar designs. To differentiate the new products we worked with artists and photographers from around the world. Artists like South African illustrator, Robin Gombert, and others closer to home like Tucson-based illustrator Regina Lord. By using custom art we were able to make our designs more relevant and precise. BIC inspired us to flex our creative muscles and turn out some pretty amazing collateral. 


Concept, Content Development, Copywriting, Print, Strategy

Extreme sports calendar on a cork board

Contemporary Calendars

Technology has spawned the rise of various digital applications that save dates, set reminders and seamlessly integrate with other digital platforms. Convenience is handy, but digital calendars lack a sense of personality and generally don’t elicit any special attention; they are purely functional.

Our goal was to alter the perception of traditional calendar designs to engage people with captivating art and non-traditional formats. Distinguished imagery brings to life a sense of culture from around the globe and throughout all demographics.

Woman holding a sleeping French bulldog on one calendar and a close up of a well dressed man with a neck tattoo
Illustrated sushi calendar
Yuri Shimojo's lily watercolor illustration
Tin Nicho Calendar for February, November and August

Cultural Exchange

Collect a new passport stamp with the passing of each month, well almost. Tasked with creating pieces for the Latin American market, we commissioned artists south of the border that would provide stunning works to complement the traditions of Cuba, Mexico and Puerto Rico.



Tin Nicho calendar for July and May

New Mexico artist El Moises illustrated poster calendar
Chinese Takeout box style calendar

Off the Grid

When we were presented with the opportunity to take the traditional calendar out of its usual format and explore potential new frontiers, we were more than happy to oblige. Drawing inspiration from a few of everyone's favorite things – food and the weekend – these unexpected designs offer a tactile experience and playful details that customers crave.

Extraordinary construction, graphic enhancements and creative production methods drove the scope of work and execution of the print collateral. Whether at home or the office, these calendars are a distinct reminder that surely won't go unnoticed.

Circular calendars in the shape of a donut and a pie
Ticket dispenser style calendar. What is today's date?