Renovated Photo Studio

Upon the arrival of our new in-house photographer, it was time to resurrect the photo studio. After a little TLC – okay, a lot of TLC – we’ve finally finished renovating the photography cove.

The new photo studio allows Splinter to provide clients with impressive materials created in-house. Clients will be able to utilize Splinter’s own award-winning photographer and Creative Director, Pete Lytwyniuk. Specializing in product and lifestyle shoots, the photography services are available for location or assignment as needed.

By launching a new photo studio, we’ve expanded our capabilities and service offerings to clients. It increases our ability to produce both commercial and editorial shoots for a wide range of clients, but also our ability to produce striking, thought-provoking images for them.

With the addition of the photo studio, the visual material from Splinter will have a greater continuity with the design process and will reinforce their reputation as an industry forerunner.

It’s also the ideal place to hook up the Wii to project on the 18-foot wall when we’re done.

The photo studio is a fully equipped boasting climate-controlled conditions, a stocked half-kitchen and private entrance. It’s an ideal comfortable working environment. The workspace is home to an infinity wall creating a versatile backdrop to shoot products, people, or anything else clients desire. The large studio space measures roughly 750 square feet with a 300 square foot photo cove and 18 foot ceiling.

Another special feature of the photo studio is the unlimited access clients can have. The 24-hour accessibility of the photo studio ensures faster production times. With the private entrance, clients can work with photographers on their own schedule.