Splinter & Corkcicle. Of Course We Wood.

We like seeing out name on things, so when we found some wood-grain-inspired tumblers from one of our favorite brands we couldn’t resist. Personal projects like this keep our creative edge sharp. Working with new materials and printing constraints adds to the bucket of knowledge that we share with our clients – plus it never hurts to have a little fun.

Our design was heavily influenced by printing techniques and limitations. Logos could either be printed or laser engraved, and both techniques had size restrictions. In our initial sketches we explored printing a large logo that would cover an entire side of the tumbler and bleed off the top and bottom. We wanted a finished product that was bold and impactful, but it was clear early on that this design would not be possible. So we went back to the sketch pad to think on how to create an impact in a 2” X 4” space.

A simple knocked out logo celebrates the wood-grain texture and gives our brand center stage. While visually it is not as forceful as the original design, it does impart a secondary message that the first concept was lacking – design reveals meaning. The knockout visual enhances the relationship between the word “Splinter” and the wood-grain texture. Which in turns strengthens the connotations of our name with you, our audience. This is always the intention of design though it’s usually less literal.

You have to admit, it’s a cool cup. We enjoy taking inspiration from our work lives to make something that communicates a little bit about what we do. From solving puzzles to taking notes, we’ve made a few thoughtful, and award-winning, promotional gifts.