Anthony Law

Make the Case. Make your Mark.

Meet one of the up and coming law firms in the valley. The connection between any attorney and their clients is paramount, thus the need for strong law firm branding to remain relevant in a highly competitive industry.

Read more Navigating the legal world can be daunting and overwhelming for most people. Creating an approachable, clean and custom identity is the first step in changing the traditional way of thinking. Splinter was instrumental in launching the brand, developing vital assets to create a brand personality that mirrored Anthony's passion for the law.

The brand portrays optimism and credibility in its design execution. Anthony Law is presented as precise and professional, creating a sense of trust at the very first touch point. By focusing on the primary pillars of law practice, the new brand identity allows clients to experience immediate certainty that they've hired the right firm.


Brand Development, Identity, Logo, Print, Website Development

Sculpture of blind justice inf ront of law books

Making Our Case

The corporate identity that would set him apart from typical legal brands began with working through a strong identity and naming process, then polished with a refined color palette.

Based in stability and integrity, the mark is anchored by two triangles representing balance and strength. One triangle represents the namesake of the firm, while the inverse subtly pays homage to the founder’s alma mater — Vanderbilt University.

Further inspired by the four pillars of justice, the gradient diagonal bars also reflect the idea that each case will be different, presenting their own unique set of challenges, but with forward momentum, justice will prevail.

Anthony Law preliminary sketches of logo mark
Anthony Law Logo
Branded business system for Anthony Law: letterhead, business cards, envelope and notebook
Anthony Law Website across multiple digital platforms
Supreme Court Building Marble Pillars