Healthcare Trust
of America

Invested in Results

Owning and operating hundreds of medical office buildings across the country takes dedication and support. The Healthcare Trust of America (NYSE: HTA) website needed a contemporary update to reflect their industry-leading commitment. The new design showcases the value of the company to attract high caliber investors.

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HTA has built strong relationships with investors and tenants through their full-service operating platform. We were tasked with building an equally strong digital platform. The new design values accessibility, simplicity and a fresh approach to real-estate investing.

In collaboration with S&P Global, we redesigned the Investor Relations portal. The result is a well-organized, easy to use library of financials. An intuitive experience gives investors confidence in HTA and the future growth of the portfolio


Brand Management, UI/UX,
Web Design & Development

One Portfolio Two Perspectives

Two of the main functions of the HTA site are to deliver statistics to investors and celebrate tenants. Beautiful asset photography showcases HTA's portfolio in a manner that appeals to both audiences. Intuitive navigation helps users find content quickly within the corporate hub.

Healthcare Trust of America Web Design Desktop
Healthcare Trust of America Web Design Responsive Devices

Systematic Global Insights

Shareholder experience is paramount, as the site is required to grow with the company. In large part, the Investor Relations portal needed to be streamlined and built out to be a strong tool for current and prospective investors. Access to a multitude of resources including current and historical data, a library of documents and financial reports is available without feeling content-heavy. Collaborating with S&P to present all data accurately and with full functionality allowed us to focus on defining hierarchy and structuring navigation.

Healthcare Trust of America Web Design for Desktop
Mission Viejo new development brochure

Growing the Community

One focus area for HTA is to establish new medical office buildings in key locations. These facilities are strategically selected to further support and develop medical campuses. We designed a line of collateral to market the prospective tenant experience. Through architectural renderings, demographic data, and local maps, we constructed a detailed overview of how each new development fits into the existing landscape.