Spahn Wealth
and Retirement

Tailor-made retirement

For many people, retirement planning is another task on a long list of to-dos. Other financial companies either over-simplify their process or over-complicate it. Kyle Spahn built a more transparent process with customized financial plans and long-term client relationships. By positioning retirement as an opportunity, we showcased the ultimate goal clients know is the target, with the understanding that their individual needs will be met.

Read more A logo that is bold and modern differentiates Spahn Wealth from the traditional brands found in the financial services industry. The mark emerged as an excellent representation of the mathematical side of the retirement process. The emphasized ampersand represents relationships; the relationship of wealth and retirement, as well as the relationship between Spahn and their clients.

The completed brand balances contemporary processes and nostalgia. It recognizes the importance of the past while welcoming the experiences of the future. 


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Together, we can build a secure future.

Retirement with a Punch

Inspired by traditional seals, the logo design is a contemporary monogram. This twist on the conventional is further enhanced through contrasting elements. The bright yellow logo shines against neutral greys and playing with extreme scale allows the logo to become a focal design element.

Retirement planning should offer a feeling of stability, and that same feeling is conjured through the use of bold color and impressive features. The approachable and comfortable palette aligns with the brand positioning we developed, paralleling the goal for everyone – to retire comfortably.

Spahn Logo in yellow
Spahn business system: envelope, letterhead, post-it notes, stamps, business cards
Spahn branded two pocket folder
two people in lounge chairs on the beach enjoying their tailor-made retirement