Pivotal Tax Solutions

Success is in the details

Authoritative, clear, reassuring and diligent are the values that drive Pivotal Tax Solutions. Their unyielding and proactive approach relieves the burden of property tax, creating an opportunity for savings, investment, and expansion for their clients. Our role for this branding and website design project was to define, develop and communicate this Pivotal brand story. 

Read more Working in lockstep with their team, our starting point was to perform a brand audit. Through many discovery sessions, we dug deep to unearth and shape their core values, verbal strategy and positioning. The message sharpened as their brand story unfolded. The result revealed a unique and compelling relationship between consultant and client.

We sharpened the brand’s position and design work through the lens of their customers. Their clients demand a financial champion. One that’s prepared and tough, intelligent and fair. Strong copy and compelling imagery, together with distinct typography and unexpected margins engage users, leading them through this experience.


Strategy, Concept, UX, Content Production, Web Design & Development


Putting Brand to Paper

After 20 years in business, Pivotal Tax Solutions, like many companies, had never directly defined their brand. To deliver a brand strategy and website that reflected their goals and purpose, we aligned the company’s mission with their client’s mindset in a meaningful way. This exploration led to a well-honed mission statement, brand promise and positioning statement.

Photography as a Visual Representation of Pivotal's Role in a Client's World

Pivotal advocates for property owners across the country in the fight for fair property tax laws and practices. Vibrant cityscapes capture the markets they serve. Saturated brand colors with strong overlays draw focus to the epicenter of their clientele. The result of the branding and website design is an expression of the opportunities and counsel Pivotal delivers. Clients feel confident Pivotal will provide piece-of-mind and be their guiding force through complex tax law.

Pivotal Tax branding and website design

High contrast and sharp geometric shapes convey Pivotal's unyielding, bold nature while simple, distinct type expresses an aptitude for clear communication.

Pivotal Tax Solutions web pages displayed on an iPad
Abstract view of a glass ceiling in shades of blue