Presenting Better Solutions

First impressions carry a lasting impact. In an era where technology is evolving at lightning speed, businesses and organizations need innovative methods to capture and maintain their audiences. For the past 15 years, we’ve collaborated with the nation’s third-largest AV systems integrator. CCS develops comprehensive solutions for myriad markets – from education and government to corporate entities of every size.
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Throughout this long-standing partnership, we’ve leveraged our expertise in brand management and design to position CCS as the innovative, adaptable powerhouse they are. Our project collaborations have included initiatives such as bringing new technology to underserved communities, and an award-winning digital signage experience.

As the tech landscape continues to flourish, we will continue to be an instrumental partner with CCS, providing better design solutions with the foresight of a rapidly evolving environment. Helping keep businesses and communities relevant, responsive, and thriving.


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CCS stationary design and branding

Making a Mark

The bi-annual sales summit is an opportunity for CCS to stand out to partners and customers; providing us the perfect time to showcase the brand’s vibrant colors. Along with summit collateral, we designed some fun event accessories for CCS employees that were bound to leave a lasting impression.

Sales summit programs and apparel design
Multi-panel window design with children, dinosaurs, and planets

Drawing Attention

Innovation drives engagement, so what better way to engage than art and drawing. More than a simple coloring book, this booklet encourages customers to open their minds to creative engagement with technology. The design solution displays the sophisticated, sometimes stark, world of technology in a playful and accessible way. 

We jumped at a chance to make something fun as an effective way to parallel the meeting of art and technology. Besides, who doesn't like going outside the lines when allowed to?

Coloring book design
Woman working with 3D printed objects
Custom tradeshow booth design

Driving the evolution
of A/V integration

CCS fleet design through the years
M&M canisters branded for the 20th anniversary celebration

Birthdays are a time to celebrate. Achieving significant milestones deserves a success story – along with your own custom M&Ms, of course. Cheers to twenty years.

Roll of 20th anniversary stickers
Build logo design

Engaging Partnerships

As the design partner for CCS we’ve brought life to new programs, created content for newly installed technology, and worked alongside national brands. Our collaborative approach allows us to better understand the vision behind each project and create unified design solutions.

I Learning Center logo and business card design
Smart manual design
Digital display on touch screen at SkySong
Epson Magazine ad design