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London Gold – A Luxury Brand Experience

London Gold

Celebrate the Moment

There’s only one gift that can both take our breath away and breathe new life into our soul: exquisite jewelry. And while these artistic works stand out above the rest, a jeweler needs some extra help to do so. For London Gold, that extra help came in the form of us and a fresh brand experience.

Read more Already a trusted source for those defining moments along life’s journey, London Gold was seeking to grow their presence. Our role was to capture the awareness of young and old alike in those momentous stages of their relationships – from the moment he bends a knee, to the night they celebrate 25 years together. Every moment celebrated, London Gold is there with them.

The campaign weaves stories of connection, commitment and commemoration that the London Gold Experience provides. The work brings to life the unique duality of the diamond – at once both delicate yet enduring, whimsical yet alive with passion.


Advertising, Brand Development, Campaign, Concept, Content Development, Email Marketing, Environmental, Identity Design, Photography, Print, Web Design & Development

London Gold yellow and white gold ring with watercolor

Delicate Sophistication

Celebrating any moment should be special. We designed a multi-platform campaign that keys in on the sense one should feel when shopping for a loved one. With subtle, soft elements to complement the products, abstract watercolor pieces in joyful hues set the tone for the brand experience. The fluid shapes and diffused edges work in contrast with the sparkling gemstones in each piece of jewelry.

The design concept is delicate and ethereal, mirroring the passion the featured rings spark, but practical enough to allow colors to be adjusted for the seasons.

various email campaigns on multiple digital devices

Connected Harmony

Following the journey of life and love, the campaign brings together beauty and a sense of the moment. Soft black and white photography paired with vivid artistic details connect the luxury of fine jewelry to the comfort of everyday life.

Pink watercolor with 4 Diamond Wedding Bands

LightStream – Developing a Brand Promise


Lending Uncomplicated

A small startup with big ideas set out to disrupt the consumer finance industry. And disrupt it they did. The LightStream Loan –­ a fast turnaround, low-interest loan for people with good credit – quickly took off and was soon welcomed by industry giant SunTrust Bank. LightStream needed a partner to help position the brand as more than a typical lender.

Read more Lending Uncomplicated. We set the stage for the campaign’s multi-channel approach with this tagline and brand promise. A direct and transparent financial product requires marketing that is just that: direct, honest, and genuine. Bold color treatments complemented by clear, confident typography emphasize the pivotal moments when people’s dreams become reality.

Inspiring confidence, optimism, and enthusiasm, the work served as an effective conduit for LightStream’s brand promise – crafting the evolving story of lending that changes lives.


Animation, Brand Development,
Brand Management, Campaign,
Concept, Content Development,
Copywriting, Email Marketing,
Environmental, Film, Illustration,
Print, Strategy, Web Design     

brochures, flyers, website
Ad designs
bank interior with 3 large poster designs
Auto loan ad design for a magazine

Playful Details

Part of LightStream’s appeal is their transparency and simplicity. A library of iconography was designed to capably guide users through the website and digital assets.

The icon library is reliable, strong and pronounced. The set is approachable and lighthearted. They're simple yet refined – an ideal representation of the LightStream brand promise.

icon design stages, outlined, filled, full-color

The Bright Side

Someday. When the time is right. If I had the money. All common thoughts and phrases we use when describing a dream or desire we see as unattainable. Through this fully integrated campaign, we use a series of transformative vignettes as the vehicles to break down these mental barriers.

Lending uncomplicated allows you to focus on what matters most. Stop dreaming, and start living.


Splinter: Concept, Creative Direction, Asset Development

True Story Films: Film

CopperPost: Post-Production

Steve Ouimette: Original Score

Campaign direct mail design

Three mobile instagram ad designs


Everyone dreams of their future and plans the experiences they'll have. The ideal vacation, theperfect home, the dream wedding. LightStream makes those dreams accessible and the impact is larger than any one event or purchase. These versatile shorts emphasize that whenever "someday" is for you, LightStream will be there – anytime.

couple sitting on a pier looking at a cabana

Design Work with Purpose. Our Portfolio

Ping B2B Website Redesign


Going Extraordinary Lengths

When you walk into a store to buy a set of custom Ping clubs, you experience world-renown precision. The brand wanted to bring the same attention and care to its resale customers. Designing a visually stunning, carefully organized B2B portal would elevate the purchasing experience. The redesign was more than a facelift for a customer portal, it was an investment in reseller relationships.


Strategy, Web Design, UI/UX, Content Development

Ping mobile redesign

the game.

We infused the portal redesign with powerful type and lively colors – creating a feeling as invigorating as a pure strike on the grooves.

Cruise America – Travel Brand Management

Cruise America

It’s About time

The once blissful pairing of vacation and travel had become tenuous. Modern day travel evokes images of delayed flights, lost luggage, and cranky kids. For Cruise America, a pioneer in the RV rental industry, this mindset needed redirecting. In order to position the brand for the future, we found inspiration in the past – a time when things were, quite simply, simpler. By shifting focus from the process of renting a motorhome to the vacation experience itself, we were able to showcase the travel experience through the lens of the Cruise America difference: control of travel, convenience during travel, and better connections with friends and loved ones.

Read more Capturing authentic moments of travel via motorhome, a series of inviting vignettes weaves a compelling story of old-fashioned adventure combined with the freedom of convenient travel. At Cruise America, travel is vacation. The result was a powerful storytelling engine to help guide travelers worldwide, encouraging folks to turn every new travel experience into the adventure of a lifetime.


Brand Development, Brand Management, Campaign Strategy, Concept, Content Development, Copywriting, Environmental, Illustration, Interactive / Digital Experience, Photography,
Positioning, Print, Strategy

Branded print collateral
A grid of landscape and lifestyle photography

Iconic Travel is the Narrative

Rather than focusing on destinations, it's the treasured moments along the way. Our work expresses the excitement, joy, and spirit of each unique adventure in a bold, yet simple manner.

Tradeshow pop-up banners showcasing RVs
Tradeshow booth with camping gear adhered to a wood wall. With camping chairs around a firepit in front of the booth
A tradeshow booth with camping gear attached to wood walls. A campfire and tree stump sit on grass in font of the booth.

An Unexpected Vacation

How do you explain the magic of an RV vacation to potential partners? By taking them on vacation. This trade show booth transports participants to a seat by the fire with a beautiful view.

We chose to reflect the versatility of a Cruise America RV vacation with a variety of familiar camping gear and equipment. The display creates an atmosphere for authentic connections with an unflinching reminder that adventure is waiting.

A route 66 sign attached to a reclaimed wood wall
A map of the USA made from license plates

News from a design studio, always from scratch

Wine me & Pine me – Custom Design

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Grow your opt-in email marketing Lists

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Best of our Valley

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Design Team That’s Small, but Mighty

Small But Mighty

By Design

We’re big picture people who’ve set out to change the world in which we live and work. We enjoy working hard, working smart and working together as a design team. We believe in being early, over-prepared and highly influential.

We’re forever building better partnerships with each other and our clients. Our success ultimately depends on our working relationships and we don’t take that for granted. What defines us at Splinter is a strong affinity to be human. We’re people people.

It’s important for us to feel good about what we do, to accomplish our personal and professional goals. We’ve all splintered off from somewhere, coming together to be a part of something better. 

Our design team sits at the intersection of art and commerce, which informs the development of distinct, functional solutions. Always fresh, not from concentrate.



Our working partnerships feel effortless because we value open communication with our clients and within our team. We don’t do stuffy corporate-speak or techie geek-speak. We just do human-speak.


Passion, enthusiasm and attentiveness drive our work and our lives. When energy is lacking we reach for coffee, when color is lacking we reach for the Pantone. Delivering fantastic work inspires others to care as much as we do.


Become an expert in your craft. Make work you’re proud of — not just for the sake of collecting a paycheck. We design with integrity and give the same level of attention to each project. Regardless of size.


We know that rules and systems have a purpose. And we also know that sometimes you have to break the mold to make things better. We’re in the business of solving problems, not just making pretty pictures.


  • Designer

    Splinter is looking for a designer who creates visually stunning work based on strategic objectives – someone who sees the bigger picture. For you, taking a project from idea to completion is just the way things need to be. And honing a brand or developing a campaign for a variety of media is a good …

  • Developer

    Are you a talented developer of all things digital? Splinter is looking for someone that can build and maintain responsive websites, code email templates and Google ads, and interactive digital displays. The ideal person has a strong understanding of how design translates to web and the coding ability to make it happen. You’ll be working …

  • Design Intern

    Interns at Splinter don’t just get coffee and endlessly retouch photos – you’ll work on client projects, learn what it means to manage a brand, and hopefully pick up some mad keyboard shortcuts (in addition to retouching plenty of photos). As part of the team, you’ll gain experience following projects through from beginning to end. …


Challenge Accepted

  • For the savvy, skillful creatives with the know-how to develop distinct, functional solutions.
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    PDF or Word file only, please.
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    We ask that all designers provide a portfolio in PDF format, not to exceed 5MB.
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The Sky’s the Limit

The City of Phoenix Aviation Department selects Splinter as the design agency of record. This encompasses all three Phoenix airports: Sky Harbor, Deer Valley and Goodyear. We’re proud to welcome the City and its aviation team to our circle of partners. We look forward to working with the friendliest airport in the nation and taking their brand to new heights.

Our role will be to create materials to better serve the millions of travelers that come through the airport. This relationship will be a testament to our knack for making complex things simple. Take a look at some of the work.

Best Design Firm Winner – Phoenix 2016

Being voted the best design firm in the valley is an honor, and we appreciate the high praise from our fellow Phoenicians. We can’t submit for all the awards, but it sure is nice to have one drop our way, simply by the community recognizing our hard work.

We are pleased to wear our new badge: “best design firm”… and hey, we hear there’s also a celebratory bash coming up? If there’s a time to get out and network with other strong local companies, this may be one of those times. We look forward to raising our glasses to all of the companies who received “best of” status this year. Cheers!

Design Award – ADDY’S Take Note

Initially, the notebooks that won the design award in this series were designed to be functional studio accessories – we go through quite a few notebooks around here. They turned out to be a great self-promotion piece.

The American Advertising Federation (AAF) took note of our hard work and awarded us an ADDY. The AAF is a national organization aimed at evaluating the advertising industry, noting the best in advertising, and educating advertising professionals.

On March 21st, the ADDY award gala was held downtown Phoenix at The Duce, which is quite a decent and unique venue. There were a lot of worthy finalists and loads of great work in this year’s’ contest. We are honored to have won the design award for the non-traditional category.

Take note of our designs here.